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Now Museum, Now You Don't gives the player a tense stealth experience based on thought, timing, and exploration. It is a third person stealth-action game developed using the Unreal Engine. The player is given multiple paths, and items to help them make decisions on what they feel is the best route to achieve each level's goal.

The Curators

Alexander Hoskins - Creative Lead, Level Designer, Programmer
Justin Gist - Producer, Audio
Gideon Shbeeb - Executive Producer
Design Team
Brett Richards - Designer
Brendan McGoona - Lead Designer, Level Design
Keston Gregory - Designer, Level Design, Particle Effects
Art Team
Christopher Ward - Art Lead, Modeling
Connor Hollis - Modeling, Textures
Jasmine Stumer - Animation, Modeling, Textures, Graphics
Tech Team
Stephen Mangold - Tech Lead, AI & Animation Programmer
Ryan Mcallister - UI/Character Controller Programmer


NowMuseumAlpha 2.zip 699 MB

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